Monday, November 29, 2010


Over the past month, we have been keeping a log of guests/employees who smell natural gas at the hotel I work at. There isn't a consistent smell coming from any specific location, but every once in a while we do get the comment. I have smelled it myself on occasion. I have also reported this to the general manager, maintenance manager, maintenance worker, and assistant general manager. So far nobody has seemed too concerned. So tonight I decide to give the gas company a call and am directed to an automated system..
"To report a gas smell, press 1"
"This is [blah] what is your emergency?"
Uhh... there isn't really an emergency, the phone system just kinda took me here.
*I explain the gas situation*
"Ok sir, I will have a tech there within an hour. In the meantime, you need to evacuate everyone in the building."

Yeah.... that's not happening. I walked all of the floors and didn't really smell anything.. and unless something is on fire, or unless the guy has viable proof that the place is about to explode, I'm not evacuating anyone. I've had to do it before for a fire alarm mishap, and it wasn't enjoyable. So rather than evacuating anyone, I am in the back office blogging about it.

I feel like hammered shit right now. This weekend I celebrated my birthday and drank a bit too much. My friends and I went down to San Antonio and rode go-karts, which was fucking fun. These things went 40mph, and I am sore as shit from steering and smashing my knees against the steering column. On lap 1 I pushed as hard as I could and wrecked pretty terribly. My kart was wedged under a barrier. I wiped out quite a few times thanks to my friend who kept blocking me off. I still won every lap, and was only 3 seconds off from the best lap time at that track.

We then proceeded down to the riverwalk and drank and drank until I dont remember much.

It was a good weekend, but I think we all spent more money than we wanted to. As long as everyone had fun. I did.


  1. "'In the meantime, you need to evacuate everyone in the building.'

    Yeah.... that's not happening."

    Hahaha that made me laugh. Hope everything is okay at the hotel!

  2. after that mexican resort explosion, i guess everyone's on panic mode.

    btw, jealous of go-karting! i don't have any good tracks around here

  3. Sounds like a fun time. I haven't been karting in ages...

  4. I spend too much money this weekend... hate blackfriday :(