Friday, November 5, 2010

Thats a wrap.

We just got done with episode 43 of Your Uncle's Lap, and I have to say, I honestly think it went a LOT better this time around as far as the setup and the flow.  We have a rhythm and we are improving upon it.  As for our equipment and sound issues, part of it was operator error, and part of it was just equipment not being good enough...  which is retarded because we have spent a shit ton on equipment.

We are using a Mackie ProFX12 mixer and our USB out produces noise regardless of the computer we plug it in to, and there are several forum posts about this issue.  Of course if we turn up our gain the noise is drowned out and can be cleaned up in post, but you would think for $300 dollars you wouldn't have to mess with it.

I am a little pissed by some of my friends/fans....  A lot of real close friends who DO listen to the show from time to time simply will not help promote the show, or give us a little assistance such as populating our message boards with posts.  A lot of them won't subscribe to our feeds, which will become important when we go to advertisers.  And a lot of them on facebook DONT EVEN FUCKING KNOW WE DO A PODCAST.   This is retarded because our Your Uncle's Lap facebook page is A PAGE/PROFILE ABOUT OUR PODCAST.  We add people we know from that facebook page, and they accept us, yet they dont even know that we do a podcast.  Someone sends us a message over facebook "so what are you guys up to now?  Oh?  cool!  I didnt know you guys did a podcast!  I'll have to check it out some time, whats the link?"

As if we dont spam our goddamn link everywhere.  We spend a lot more money that we should on this project, and for the 3 months that we were gone, everyone was asking "When are you guys coming back??  You need to podcast again!!"  Fucking SUPPORT US!  Click our ads on our page, tell your friends, help us sustain ourselves so that we can quit our miserable jobs and podcast all day.

At any rate, if any of you out there have listened to our show, we will have the new episode up monday.  2 episodes actually.. the missing episode 41 as well.  If you HAVENT listened to it yet, click the tape player on the right side of the page, and LISTEN TO OUR PODCAST WHILE YOU BLOG.  I have found that even with my close friends, they will NOT go out of their way to listen to our shit.  But once they do, they are surprised at our show, and wonder why we havent made it big time yet.  Answer?  Most people are negroids when it comes to that kind of stuff.

Also add us to facebook and subscribe and review us on itunes if you DO happen to like us.



  1. Airbrush tanning you say!?
    Yeah, a lot of people are like that. I was playing Columbia in Rocky Horror Picture Show and no one wanted to come. I even offered to pay the 5 FUCKING DOLLARS IT COSTS TO GET IN. Then I got new friends.

  2. Yeah, Facebook is full of people who just click accept for no apparent reason. That and people you used to hate who now think you wanna add them as a friend =/

  3. Really cool gear on those benches, must be ace fun. Will check the podcast out tonight.

  4. Hey, I have a lot of your equipment! Even that underwear!