Tuesday, November 16, 2010

How do I fill this gap?

So my difficulties with marketing the podcast have taken yet another turn.  When we re-launched the podcast, we did so with a business mindset and with the intention of it making money.  That was my approach anyway.  So how does someone do this?  Do most people even know what podcasts are?  What makes someone want to listen to podcasts?

These are all questions that I have been using to find ways to share our show.  I am a pretty judgmental person, and I usually can tell when my own work is crap.  Our podcast is great, genuinely.  I like listening to it because I laugh, and it has been the trend that anyone who actually listens to it feels the same way- with our newer material anyway.

So if our show is great, then we should be making some headway, right?  We have been podcasting for over a year, and we have barely budged with our listeners.  We are on all of the social networking sites and we advertise everywhere we can.  We network with bands and other podcasts.  Something is still missing, because my blog gets more daily views than our website.

There are a thousand new podcasts each day, and the success ratio is like 2%.  There has got to be something better..

All of the popular podcasts have hosts who were already popular prior to their podcast show.  People get popular off youtube by being retarded and becoming a meme.  We are putting in hard work and we have a good show and we hardly get any recognition.

There is something missing that I need to find.


  1. call into local radio stations and try to get them to plug your site. get flyers made and spread them everywhere. rent cable access and do a few video shows for exposure, etc. i checked out one of the casts and the audio quality is good, maybe have one of the mics panned slightly to the left and the other to the right for the "stereo live in the studio" effect. get a sampler for funny sound effects ;)

  2. Keep up the good work then. I'll have to look into your podcast.

  3. Dang man, I'm sorry. That sounds tough. I personally don't listen to podcasts for the same reason I don't listen to audio books- I would much rather just have songs going in the background while I am surfing the internet and whatnot. I will check out your podcast though, because laughing is always fun. However, I have no suggestions on how to make it more popular- no on I know talks about a podcast ever.

    Also, thanks for the link to your friend's site. Those HDR pics are really awesome. They really give a weird feeling to the scenes.

  4. my philosophy on this would be more viewers - advertise on facebook etc. Ask around companies if they would like to pay for an advert slot on your broadcast, by saying you have an average of say, 500 people downloading every one of your pod casts you can create interest from paying advertisers.

    best of luck.

  5. So I have an analogous situation.

    I've wanted to be a published writer since I was old enough to really put a story into words. I've worked at writing hundreds to thousands of words, especially during the last 5 years.

    5 years...

    I wrote a book, many short stories, and a slew of poetry too.

    Last Sunday I got published...for the first time ever, by one of the top publishers of short fiction. My next blog will be about it - it felt AMAZING. I didn't expect it to come even this soon.

    No one knows who I am though, yet, and probably no one will for another 5-10 years even IF I can put out more publishable work.

    Yet, I believe in myself, and what I do seems to be worth it for me.

    You have loyal listeners, you are doing hard work, and you have a VERY good thing going.

    I didn't put you in my last post because I had nothing to blog about! I put you in there because I believe in you guys.

    You'll get there, but it might take many more years of hard work. Then again you could be famous tomorrow for no reason other than someone really big plugs you.

  6. Just need more exposure. Try and avoid things that you would find annoying, though, like handing out leaflets in the street or whatever...

  7. I couldn't say better than Lepoidim !
    Great blog btw :)

  8. Excellent post; gonna follow these posts

  9. I'm pretty new to Podcasts, I'll give it a download and have a listen. :D

  10. you'll get there, plug along

  11. You gods that made me man, and sway in love.