Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Nothing to write home about today

I spent my first day off cleaning my garage a bit, PART of my room, and I have started detailing my car.

I had given it a quick was the other day at a carwash, so it was still in decent enough condition to begin detailing.  I started with the front of the car and will finish the doors and rear and hardtop tomorrow.  Rubbing compound, claybar, polish, and wax.  It's much easier to work when I do it panel by panel, rather than doing the entire car each step.  It seems easier on my back too. 

I saw a Berlina Black S2000 CR tonight at the parking lot of Fry's and it looked CLEEEAAANN!  It was also 100% stock.  It makes me wonder if I have been fighting an uphill battle with all the modifications done to my car.  I'm just not sure.. I took a break today and went to grab lunch.  Upon walking out of the store I saw my car in the parking lot and just thought "god damn.. it's almost exactly the way I want it"   but the shitty part about having a "nice" car is the fact that every dent, noise, or problem I have is magnified by 100.  My hardtop really sets my car off, but it is in need of much love before its something I can brag about.  I think since I have installed it, it has brought down the clean look of my car, simply because the hardtop needs some paint/body work. 

money is fucking tight right now though, and i have to dedicate my funds elsewhere for the time being.

These are all old pictures from when I first got my new wheels.  Maybe after I finish detailing tomorrow I'll take it out for a photoshoot.


  1. thats one sexually suggestive car. :O

  2. Do take it out for a photoshoot--I'd like to see!

  3. Good post! Looking forward to reading you next one

  4. Your car looks professionally maintained and photographed - seriously an awesome ride. When is the next podcast coming out? By the way I am going to mention YUL in my next post, so hopefully I get you guys some more fans and traffic.