Saturday, November 13, 2010

Saturn Ascends

Its been a few days since Ive blogged last.  Ive been real busy not sleeping.

Podcast happened last Thursday and it felt pretty good.  Just for those who asked, you can watch us EVERY Thursday live on stickam @ 10pm CST, or you can hear our recorded shows by going to, and clicking on the tape player, or adding our RSS feed to your itunes or whatever you use.

I think I will also set it up so that our recorded stickam show constantly loops.  In fact, I JUST set that up.  So if you want a early preview of ep 44 and you missed it, check it at at

My birthday is coming.. and I can feel some changes.  Just emotional changes, mental changes.  Nothing that I can describe since I cant actually put my finger on what exactly is changing.  I am becoming slightly more interested in different things.  Maybe just more "aware" of my surroundings.. I dunno.  I also feel like I am looking for acceptance from people, as if I want them to say "you've done good for yourself, keep it up"

Maybe I just need assurance that everything ive done so far hasnt been in vein.


  1. Birthdays are always like that as you get older. They become less about celebration and more about existential angst. Just go out with your friends and get blind drunk-- trust me on this one.

  2. Saturn ascends... comes round again...ignorant to...the damage done

  3. Nice idea with the livecast, I'll check it out later!

  4. Yeah birthday's change your mind !

  5. There's much in the world that you can't explain.
    It's revealed for you to remember
    by the whispering voice of a distant train
    or a midnight rain in november.

    Horizon within! You can always find
    the keys to Enigma. Let's mention
    one basic Truth: of spirited Mind
    Is Nature naught but extension.

    Internal expanses! In dreams, ridden
    by fear and longing you roam
    that deep Southeast in your soul hidden
    ...on your random journey back home.

    Single Swingle

  6. Happy Birthday. go out and get drunk with your friends. dont try and think too much about it.