Sunday, October 31, 2010

I lied.

I had everything in my pockets ready to go home last night, and did exactly that at 11pm sharp.  Knowing I would have an early start in the morning, I had intentions to go right to bed.  I felt bad when my GF text me at 10pm that she was at her apartment by herself dressed up in her costume, drinking and watching Zombieland.  Not the WORST scenario ever, except for the fact that she was supposed to be having a Halloween party.
So I did what every good BF would do and I stopped by when I got off work.  By the time I had got there at 11:15ish, there of course were 10 or so people there.  She was dressed up as Mia Wallace from Pulp Fiction, and she was lookin good.  I introduced myself being disguised as "Guy who has work in 6 hours". 

I had 2 beers and decided I should throw in the towel.  Feeling somewhat left out on the fun, I decided to make an appearance at the other party to see my friends.  The other party was a clusterfuck of 30 or so "kids" whom were all quite possibly high on something.  The smell of pot was very apparent, the noise was pretty loud, and the front door was wide open.  Not the smartest of party setups I've seen, but if the cops never get called, then kudos.  I saw a few of my friends, who said they wanted to come to my GF's party after an hour or so, just due to the madness at that party.

Great, so I'm obligated to stay up at least an hour for my friends to show up at my gf's party.

One thing lead to another, and if I was going to be awake at a party, I might as well be drinking, right?

10 or so beers, 1 big texas cheeseburger, and 4 tacos later, it's 3:30 and me and my GF are finally hitting the bed.

My alarm proceeds to ring a few hours later.  And here I am at work.  I'm pretty sure the storm brewing in my intestines is going to be the worst god awful shit known to man, being that I had all that shit last night, and about 6 cups of coffee yesterday through my work shift.

Saturday, October 30, 2010


Guess what I am for Halloween?!?!  An employee!  I work until 11pm tonight, and I have to be at work at like 8am tomorrow, which kinda puts me out of commission for any party stuffs.  So I will finish the rest of my HW at work, and spend my night playing New Vegas, or perhaps Metro2033 if I can get it to run decent.  A beautiful game, but 1080p freaking kills framerate.
I have adjusted my blog layout a bit and moved the Podcast player to the right, along with all the appropriate links to follow us.  I'm already looking forward to doing the next episode.  I am FUCKING STOKED about the weather.  I love the fall, and I like wearing cold weather cloths.  Also, my birthday is soon.

I REALLY want to spend my next Wednesday off detailing my car.  I have neglected doing so and have just been settling for a quick wash.  I need to hit it with rubbing compound, clay bar, polish, then wax.  It should take a full day, if not more.  I should go ahead and order some touchup berlina black paint to spruce up my hardtop, but then again, the whole thing needs a repaint.  I really want to do a photoshoot with the new hardtop.  Ahhh my car.. I'll save that for a separate blog post.

Friday, October 29, 2010

The morning after

Well the dust has settled from my 2 days off..  What has been done?  Well a haircut, my gf's bday, and our podcast.  Other than that, nothing.  And if you've been keeping up with my blog, I still havent done my homework.  Fuck.  Today this needs to happen.  I need a few days "off" from everyone and everything, so hopefully I'l get that time to catch up on some "me time".

The podcast was good overall.. we had a lot of technical problems that were pretty irritating.  Everything needs to be streamlined, and we need to fix a lot of small problems.  Apparently some people couldnt hear us live, so I can only hope that our recorded audio isnt fucked.  I guess we'll find out.

Thursday, October 28, 2010

The time has come

Well, I just spent 50 bucks on snack food for our company and our podcast tonight.  I also spent 24 dollars on a haircut, and 130 dollars last night on a new webcam.

All of this PLUS my time and effort has gone into getting this podcast revamped, so I reeeeaaallly hope that everything turns out.  I need to do some quick reviewing of the material for the show, and then its off to beer and podcast.

If you want to check us out and laugh until your sphincter explodes, come visit us tonight at

Also check out our message boards and our content at, and you can listen to our shows by clicking the player at the top of my blog page.

Send us your emails, used panties, comments, suggestions, register on our forums and post pictures of your buttholes if you want.  We are accepting like that.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

yeahhh... ill get to it.

I am the worst person at doing homework ever.  Seriously, not only is my college FREE, but I get PAID to go to college.  (Thanks Army!)  If I fail a class, its no big deal to me, because all I do is not get paid for that semester.

That is my mindset, and its terrible.  I am missing out on valuable cash because im a lazy fucker.  Not just that, but im lowering my GPA because im a lazy fucker.  My macroeconomics was due sunday.. and its now wednesday.  So maybe if I make a promise here in the open forum, I'll fell more obligated to stick to my word.  I will be caught up with my homework AND be done with this weeks assignments for all my classes BEFORE I do podcast thursday night.  Yeah, btw, if anyone has had a chance to check out my podcast by clicking the cool player at the top, and you like it, we will be recording LIVE on stickam Thursday night at 10pm CST.  Mark your calendars, because thats our new schedule.  Every thursday at 10pm.  thats at if anyone wants to watch 3 dudes sit at a table and talk about shitty farts.
Other than that, tomorrow is my gf's birthday.  Even though it has already been celebrated, I feel that I will be required to spend the evening with her, so perhaps I should start on my homework now...   or play minecraft.. or new vegas.....

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

All these moving parts

The day of our podcast return is coming soon.  With all this talk of organization and planning and website building and rounding up folks for the community, I just hope I dont lose focus of the actual podcast content.  It's hard to come up with interesting/funny topics when your life consists of work and stress.  Not to mention we had a 3 month brake from podcasting.  Its a good thing I have 2 days off prior to podcast to unwind.  Our message boards are coming along, and I just hope our community pulls through and we have good attendance.

For anyone out there in the interwebs, check us out.  Its a comedy podcast with 41 episodes done so far.   This shit is gonna get big.


Monday, October 25, 2010

Up Up UP

After a day full of fuck yesterday, it all ended well.  All 3 of us finally sat down and talked about all of the details for the podcast, and its becoming more and more solid with every step.  Dare I say its becoming bulletproof?  The gf also came over and everything is cool.  Oh drama, you get the best of us.

More plans are in the making to find some plan to make a hefty profit.  I still need to find a time to start learning Java....  Time and money.  There's never enough.


Today almost sucked.. a lot.  Work piled up and got hectic, then things went south with some gf stuff.  I honestly dont have time for a gf, but im doing my best to make it work.  I dont have time for a lot of things.  homework didnt get done tonight, so I'm hoping my grade doesnt take too big of a hit for it being late. I have to commit my evening tomorrow to finishing.  And now I have to commit even more time to the podcast.  And the 10 hour shifts at work arent helping any.  Somethings gotta give sooner or later.

Sunday, October 24, 2010


This Halloween was kind of planned out earlier.  The main problem with dates like this is that everyone wants to have their own party.  Rather than us have our own, we decided to consolidate parties at our friends house.  That way if there are any spills, or crazy ongoings, we dont have to deal with the aftermath.  My gf decided that she wanted to have her own party without telling me, or rather she told me as she sent a mass text message to the rest of her friends.  This splits the group into two.. my friends who are deeply involved with halloween with outfits and whatnot, and my gf and her friends, who im sure just want the run of the mill party.  I really wanted to go all out this year with a badass outfit from fallout 3, but if i go to my gf's party, NOBODY is going to know who the fuck I am, and I refuse to go to some party while my gf has her own.

So fuck it, Im staying in, and will have no party at all.  Fallout New Vegas releases tonight anyways, so I'll be fine at home.

Im Alive

It's been a few days since I've posted, mainly because I have been occupied with several other projects.  I will get to those later.  It looks like after some discussion, our podcast project is back up.  I'm looking forward to this, but I want to make sure that everything is on the right track so that this doesnt suffer the same fate as last time.  Lots of planning will be required, even if the others don't feel so.  More on that later as well.


Last night Ryan and and I had another discussion about our project, and i let it be known that i am totally interested. This is going to take a lot of work, and frankly, its pretty scary.
One milestone is that lane moved out, after much persuasion. I think this will help somehow, in the fact that he was a slight distraction.
I need more sleep.

Im Mobile

I showed up to work this morning only to find that the backup battery attached to the server had died, which caused a big paniced mess. Imagine that, the item that is supposed to ensure that the server is up was the source of the problem.
My small amout of electronics saved the day, which is sad, because the solution was purely based on common sense.
Homework is due at midnight and I am 0% complete. I did however finish much of the structure i was working on in minecraft.


Work was slow enough for me to justify going home.  Today I was 100% unmotivated.  What motivates me?  Money.  I need more of it.  I have broke beyond the dream stage and I now face the hard part- reality.  Everything I could ever imagine having is just within glimpse, but I'm running out of time.  I need a plan, an idea, and a means to complete the necessary steps to get there.

I went to schlotzkys tonight for dinner.  I've managed to stay away from fast food for the most part here recently, but I dont grocery shop, and I never cook for myself.  I cooked for my 1 year anniversary yesterday, but all that food is for my gf.
The girl at schlotzkys looked like she hated her job, or at least was very tired.  Everyone in the workplace always has other things on their mind, and those who really excel at their jobs have found the trick, which is to just be content with where you are, and make the best of it.  Damn me for wanting more I guess.  I like the idea of livejournal.  It's not quite as much of a presentation as my previous attempts at blogging, but more of a quick release.  Standing there waiting on my food, I felt the need to make a post.  Time to close before my food gets cold.

LJ Entry #1

I saw livejournal on the movie The Social Network and figured I'd give it a shot.  Ironically, facebook is too cluttered with friends that aren't really my demographic for the things that I write.  Sure, feedback is there, but I also dont like exposing my raw thoughts on facebook.  People don't honestly know me, and I like to keep it that way.  I've done blogs before, but we'll see how this goes.

Today I was shopping at Sam's club for groceries for the hotel, and I saw a woman pull a Lone Star Card out of her Prada wallet.  Only in America.

Also, guests annoy me, mainly when they get in a tight spot like oversleeping and staying in their room for an extra 2 hours past checkout.  All of a sudden they shit bricks when they find out they are being charged another night.  It's not us being an asshole, its called policy, and its there for a reason.  But of course we have to be forgiving and we didn't charge the guy.  What kind of example does that set if our policy is as solid as jello.

Monday, October 18, 2010