Sunday, October 24, 2010


Work was slow enough for me to justify going home.  Today I was 100% unmotivated.  What motivates me?  Money.  I need more of it.  I have broke beyond the dream stage and I now face the hard part- reality.  Everything I could ever imagine having is just within glimpse, but I'm running out of time.  I need a plan, an idea, and a means to complete the necessary steps to get there.

I went to schlotzkys tonight for dinner.  I've managed to stay away from fast food for the most part here recently, but I dont grocery shop, and I never cook for myself.  I cooked for my 1 year anniversary yesterday, but all that food is for my gf.
The girl at schlotzkys looked like she hated her job, or at least was very tired.  Everyone in the workplace always has other things on their mind, and those who really excel at their jobs have found the trick, which is to just be content with where you are, and make the best of it.  Damn me for wanting more I guess.  I like the idea of livejournal.  It's not quite as much of a presentation as my previous attempts at blogging, but more of a quick release.  Standing there waiting on my food, I felt the need to make a post.  Time to close before my food gets cold.

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