Friday, November 19, 2010


I dont know if anyone ever played the RTS game "Axis & Allies" by Atari, but it was a pretty solid strategy game.  I recall building up a huge army of tanks and infantry, and invading an enemy controlled area with the confidence of a god.  Then suddenly the screen flashes and I see my army melt away in ball of fire and ash.  The enemy just dropped a nuke on me.

I recall my gut sinking and just an overwhelming feeling of defeat overcoming me.  I went from possible victory to definite loss.

I had a nuke dropped on me today.  And as much as I HATE for my blog to be all sad and shit, these are just the events of my life. 

For one, I found out that I may owe the government $930 since they fucked up with my college payments or something... I honestly am not even motivated to call them and find out what went wrong, or if it was just a mistake.

I did manage to pull the trigger on a project that I have been brewing for a while, and I started on the website.  I think the idea is solid, and this is step 1 to me being a multi millionaire with my idea.  And I sincerely believe that.
So upon finishing up the payment info to purchase the webspace, my card gets declined.  I check my bank online to find that I pretty much dont have any money.  WHY?  I havent bought shit in a long time.  I quit eating out, and I bought canned goods to hold me over and I STILL dont have fucking money.  The short answer is that I don't make enough..  I am a manager at a hotel, and I'm pretty sure I make the same amount of money as the other front desk agents.  In fact, I'm almost certain that some of my employees make more than I do.

I dont know if I have any grounds to ask for a raise since my performance hasn't had a huge positive impact.

I have to find another source of income or I'm just going to be fucked.


  1. Do not even worry about all that shit dude. Keep working on your project and fuck the rest of it. if someone says you owe them money make them prove that shit in court, the government has bigger fish to fry.

  2. Agree with what Snickelsox said, Take it to the courts and if you have a project that can be lucrative, focus on that and dont let BS distract you.

  3. They mess up and you owe them money? That's BS...

  4. Hey man, sorry you are going through hard times financially. It is temporary, and you'll come through - not only with your ideas, but I'm sure in other ways you don't even know yet.

  5. Good luck dude, I hope it all works out for you!

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