Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Badass bday present and a breakdown

Let me start by saying Minecraft has been ruining my life.  I dont do anything but play that game when Im not at work..  and on the non-busy days... I've been sneaking in some Minecraft AT work.  I have quit smoking, and I have picked up Minecraft.  I havent done my homework that was due last sunday, and I am steadily losing points.  To be honest, I dont really care..  As I said in my last post, Ive been so stressed out that I am saying "fuck it" to a lot of things to prevent me from having a mental meltdown.
On a related note, my good friend Georgie got me an early bday present and it is FUCKING TIGHT!  She made it by hand and it had to have taken her a loooong time to do it.

A motherfucking minecraft pillow!  I told her she should find a way to streamline the production and sell these bitches.

My birthday isnt until the 30th, and I am hoping everything goes as planned.  My plans are to go to San Antonio and ride go-karts with my friends, then drink ourselves into oblivion on the riverwalk. 

And thank GOD I have some days off next week.. I have 4 days off in a row, and I was in dire need of it.  I am going to sit on my balls and do NOTHING the entire time.  I need some mental days.

Also, we are podcasting EARLY this week and will be on stickam LIVE at 10pm CST TONIGHT.  Come check us out at

Hopefully it will be a good show.  I need to do some show prep.


  1. It looks comfy. Now you can be comfy while you build epic stuff.

  2. hehe clearly looks comfy :p !
    Hope you enjoy thanksgiving by the way ;)