Friday, December 10, 2010

The best advice ever.

Whats up my bloggas? Its been 5 days since my last post, which seems like forever.

What have I been doing? Between minecraft, Gran Turismo 5, Bad Company 2 (new map packs released) and sleeping, not a lot. I had to unload some stress and said "fuck it" to my school, and just decided to take 2 F's for this period. I found out that I can just retake the classes and the new grades I make override the F's. I am apparently allowed to fail/withdraw from 3 classes per year without penalty... well.. sorta. If for some reason I withdraw, rather than fail, the VA makes me pay them back. That is why I owe the govt $900 for 2 classes I withdrew from in October. If I would have just failed them, I would have been fine and not charged a dime. Doh!

Even though I am riding a thin line to being dropped from AIU Online, I cannot describe how much stress was relieved when I decided to just ignore the pile of homework that was overdue. Just 4 more classes and I'll have my associates. I may take a break for a while before I start to pursue my bachelors, just until my finances are in better order.

I recall a buddy in the Army giving me some advice during my divorce.. I was on the other side of the world, my wife no longer loved me, I wanted to get home and fix things but I couldnt, and I was a wreck.. He said to me "Sometimes you just have to give up."

It's so very true. Sometimes you are in a world of shit and everything sucks and it just seems like no matter what you do, everything is fucked. Just give up. Don't fight it, because it IS fucked, and you CAN'T fix it, no matter how hard you try. There isn't anything wrong with letting go, because you will not always get your way, and you will not always achieve the things that you want.
You may not want to give up all the time, but in some cases.. just quit. Its better to have your mind free of it.

Anyways, thats my philosophy lesson for the day. As far as the podcast goes, we have been unable to broadcast live since Time Warner Cable sucks dick, and our internet loses connection every 30 minutes or so.. which the technician told me "we know whats wrong.. but id say in a perfect world, it could be fixed as quick as 2 weeks" which sounds very appealing.. Hopefully they cut us some slack on the bill.
If you are out there on the internet reading this, do me a favor and check out our podcast.. just a few minutes of it and see if what you think. We have been receiving emails saying "hey I was bored and decided to listen to your podcast.. I havent laughed so hard in a long time, you guys are great!" which is awesome for our motivation, because we do run out of steam, and we know that we are putting on a good show.. its just hard to get folks to bite. So you, out there on the web.. visit and give us a listen. or just click the tape player on my blog page to the right. Thanks.


  1. Agreed. Sometimes giving up and letting go is for the best.

  2. Hey man I been reading all your blogs you post and this one especially caught my attention. What your Army bud said "sometimes you just have to give up" was kinda thought provoking to me.

    I don't know if you're a Dane Cook fan (or if you're one of those guys who immediately shuns the name of Dane lol) but he does this bit on "I did my best" that popped into my head just now.

    A lotta times we do try our best but sometimes things are too much to take in at one given time and we have to distance ourselves from it. Some people say to never give up and giving up is a weakness ... I think that if you're not getting favorable results then it might be time to rethink how you're doing things.

    Don't let people who think giving up is the weak way out ... it is merely a change in strategy.

    Keep the insightful blogs coming. Friend and loyal follower. John the Breeze.